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From the Founder-Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian. “I experienced Tradition by being in a family, which practiced music as means of worship in temples going back to 9 generations. I experienced music in different world music contexts as well, a shift literally making me sway back and forth to the extremes, bringing valuable insights into the nature of music as practiced by different music cultures. The disciplines of music cultures revealed to me the core that goes beyond music. There music becomes the beauty that is Sound, divine. I began exploring this phenomenon. My explorations point to one and the same in music making, the search for inner beauty. But that comes from different perspectives resulting in different ways of expressions of thoughts and emotions. Every musician culls out an idea from the core of his culture and expands on it once he experiences the connections. So, it is the beauty every artist experiences that is nothing short of Truth that is divine. The famous English romantic poet Keats says: “Beauty is Truth, Truth beauty, that is all ye know, ye need to know”. This is what the spiritualists in India would call ‘Aananda’, (the ultimate core of happiness, beauty that is divine, we all experience all the time, but yet seek that outside of us, not knowing what we really are made up of !). This core thought ringing beautifully in my mind and heart that has grown into Brhaddhvani, the divine, Universal Sound. As a result of this experience COMET evolved that connects ‘the loose ends we feel in music and life’ a philosophy and methodology in experiencing the beauty of Divine Universal Sound without divisions.”

Brhaddhvani- A Sound Experience

Here is a Tamil song composed by the poet Vaideeswaran on the vision of Brhaddhvani tuned by Padmabhushan Sri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman and sung by the students of Brhaddhvani, Malini-Sahrudaya-Dhwani.


The story behind the song.. Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian’s dream of Brhaddhvani has been a global space where the ‘sounds’ meet, interact, bringing the essence of cultures to share with each other towards music making, world harmony and peace. With this vision he met many great artists, patrons, poets, yogis, Vedantists, educationists and others. Many of them came to Brhaddhvani, contributed immeasurably and loved to share their expertise. Poet Vaideeswaran was one of those. Dr. Subramanian and Sri Vaideeswaran got together and had discussed art and education. Dr. Subramanian requested Vaideeswaran to compose a song from his experience at Brhaddhvani for the two year period he was closely associated with the institution. This resulted in the beautiful song ‘Kaatrellaam’. Dr. Subramanian requested Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman, the world’s greatest violin maestro, to tune and embed his signature at Brhaddhvani. So the song depicts the musical vision, friendship, harmony among Artists and men of literature.

About Brhaddhvani from, patrons trustees, artistes representing different art forms, scholars, students and the public on the 21st anniversary celebrations.

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