Brhaddhvani is Big Sound experience. A global concept of traditional music and beyond. A great model for a music institution. Brings systematic, step by step method to learn music towards excellence for everyone. Each one will be able to measure one’s progress. The main focus is Carnatic music. Its principles and practice go beyond Carnatic music. It is holistic. It was founded in 1989 by Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian & Dr. S. Seetha, both were professors of music at the University of Madras.

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1. This website is from a general and global perspective . (English)
2. This is from my perspective for the Tamil speaking people (Tamil)
3. This is from the student’s perspective. (Blog)
4. This is a telecast of an interview of two of our members of faculty Mrs.Usha Narasimhan and Mrs. Sudha Harishnan on Brhaddhvani their experience as teachers.