The core value of Brhaddhvani stems from Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian as a 9th generation traditional vina player and his research in music. His formal under-graduate degree in Chemistry, post-graduate in English literature and a doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University (1985) has broadened his experience of music as a traditional vina artiste. His global teaching experience in Universities including the University of Madras has added further value to the pedagogy he has evolved to reach music to everyone. This pedagogy is the direct out come of his doctoral work: “South Indian Vina-Tradition and Individual Style”, which is based on the vina music of the ‘Karaikudi vina tradition contrasted with Mysore Duraiswami Iyengar’s vina music both in juxtaposition with the vocal music of Prof. T.Viswanathan. The extensive innovative notation of his, the Svarasthana and Emotional Graphic Representation (EGR), have become the most effective music learning tools from kids to international scholars. The global and holistic perspective in Indian music education at Brhaddhvani is due to his exposure to and study of the world musical styles, Western Classical (Some pieces of Bela Bartok from his ‘Microkosmos’ and modal counterpoint), Indonesian gamelan, Japanese Koto, Chinese Ch’in, African drumming and American Navaho music.

Dr. Subramanian examined the exigencies in the Indian music education, research, pedagogy and curriculum at the apex level of the University and colleges. He perceived gaps in institutional music education, which he decided to plug in.  He worked towards bringing in the continuity of music education from the kindergarten up to the doctoral levels step by step, so that classical Indian music could be made available to everyone without dilution.  The greater value added to the research, documentation and application is due to the intellectual and spiritual support of Dr. S. Seetha to the idea of Dr. KSS, the shared musical intelligence of those greatest of Carnatic music maestros such as Semmangudi, Lalgudi, Dr. Pinakapani, TMT, S. Kalyanaraman, T. Viswanathan, , Kanjira Nagarajan, Prof. Trichy Sankaran & Karaikudi Krishnamurthy who generously gave their time to Brhaddhvani whenever needed. For the impact of Indian music at the global level and the processes and trends in Ethnomusicology and cross-cultural studies, Professors, David Reck, Eero Hameenniemi, Hans Neuhoff and Richard Wolf have contributed noteworthily.

The real strength and the practical value to Brhaddhvani’s music education lies in the application of the pedagogy for diverse types of students by those who participated and contributed to the research, experiments and teaching in music conducted here for two decades. The most noteworthy are: Usha Narasimhan, Sudha Harikrishnan, Sowmiya Muralidharan, Sankari Krishnan, and Radha Venkataraman, who are part of the faculty at Brhaddhvani. Even greater value in music education at Brhaddhvani is coming through Music-technology developed by Dr. Srikumar K. Subramanian such as the programmable Tala Keeper as an app, his developing on-line platform to learn high quality compositions in South Indian music, making learning and teaching easier than ever before. Browse here for more information.

BRHADDHVANI ITSELF IS A VALUE ADDITION TO THE WORLD OF MUSIC EDUCATION. The reputed musicians, dancers, theatre artistes, musicologists, patrons of Art, the people-all celebrate the 21st anniversary of Brhaddhvani and speak on the vision of Brhaddhvani and each one’s independent view on its contribution to the world of music.

Brhaddhvani 21st Year Anniversary Smt Arundhati Nag Speaks ..