Music Body is the dream space of the charged individuals through absorption of pure vibrations of the great minds and of music expressing love for humanity. Singing or playing becomes an instant translation of the power of music mind. The musical practice here integrates mind and body at every stage of learning so that the value of expressions become therapeutic. The music learners become aware of the transforming quality of the music they practice. Every stage of learning music in the COMET way makes one enjoy the music in sound bringing amazing therapeutic results both to the giver and the receiver. In other words, learning music by integrating the mind and the body is highly therapeutic. For example chanting with the precise articulation of ‘sound-effective’ syllables within a limited range of tonal intervals, with meditative focus, charges the nerve centers or the ‘cakras’. The resultant effect is both the chanter and the receiver get transformed. So music therapy, in the COMET way, is not simply an application of music on an individual or making him listen to ragas which are supposed to bring therapeutic results. The highly subjective nature of music does not permit a standardised scientific procedure to bring about the required results. The method adopted here to learn music at any level is objective. The conscious practice of music integrating mind and body brings about results in therapeutically unique ways. Even strumming the vina or tambura strings with attention to the mind-body relationship can be transforming. Due to the COMET training a music therapist acquires the capacity to empathise with a subject through charged mind vibrations.