The ‘expression’ is the manifestation of what is going on in the mind. ‘Mindless’ performance or a kind of a certain ‘vagueness’ about performance, if it happens to be ‘pleasant’ or ‘good’, can be easily attributed to some divine intervention or out of the normal. But if every expression is supported by the right thinking, the expressions become clear and the one who expresses is in absolute command of the situation. The creative product is bound to be expressive in a very special sense. There is certainty about it.  The ‘music mind’ expresses clearly what it is capable of creating, leaving, may be, some elements to beyond the individual’s power. But it just happens at that stage. This approach to expression brings confidence to a learner especially in  arts . ‘Music expression’ refers to ‘performance’ as well as ‘music craft’.  When ‘music’ and ‘music craft’ go together, as we have at Brhaddhvani, a certain relationship begins to develop between the instrument and the player. The player because more sensitive to acoustic sound. The music students express themselves much better with knowledge and feeling about the instrument. The acoustic quality of the instrument transforms the performing quality of the player! The performer begins to care more about clarity and closeness to acoustic sound than mere amplified sound. In other words, the artistic sensitivity sharpens in performance.