By Music Craft we mean the craftsmen who help musicians to make music. This is a much neglected craft. There are honors for musicians from Sabhas. But seldom we honor craftsmen who make musical instruments. Of the several acoustic instruments the instrument which has a setback due to lack of performers and patronage is vina, chitra veena and tambura. The electronic versions of these get popular due to other reasons beyond music. Of course, the performers who are in the limelight patronize their favorite craftsmen. The businessmen patronise craftsmen but the craftsmen never get their due to eke out a living. The craftsmen not only suffer on account of lack of patronage, but also due to their lack of education. The younger craftsmen are less and less and if they take to this profession the quality suffers. They need to be supported so that this craft continues to improve.

At Brhaddhvani, we have been patronizing vina craftsmen for more than two decades. Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian patronised Palani Achari of Trichy. He also helped him with research support. He collaborated with a German instrument maker, Dr. Norbert Beyer, attached to the Museum fur Volkerkunde in Berlin to study his craft. Dr. Beyer wrote an elaborate illustrative book in German on vina craftsmanship titled Music Fur Vina, which is the only scientific study available now on this instrument. His son, Nataraja Ahari and his son Karthick Achari are now patronized by Brhaddhvani.  Have a look at the vinas made recently by this craftsman. For more information write to Brhaddhvani.