Correlated Objective Music Education and Training

What is COMET?

COMET is an acronym for Correlated Objective Music Education and Training, a system of music education developed by Prof. Karaikudi S. Subramanian towards a solution in addressing the problems in institutionalizing the style oriented traditional music (Gurukula) and in complementing creative endeavors in musical performance and education in the contemporary context.

Correlated: The principles and practices of Carnatic music applicable and relatable to different musical styles in the Indian and global context, in other Arts, in education and in complementary musical applications such as therapy.

Objective: The principles of Carnatic music taught in a systematic, step by step method, objectively, so that one can transcend stylistic, linguistic and other limitations in the performance of musical compositions, in learning any musical instrument and in improvisation. The learner begins to perceive music as a whole in order to focus in the area of specialization without ambiguity.

Music Education:  Learning music through an inclusive graded curriculum from the kindergarten to the level of quality-oriented higher education, finally leading to self- learning, research and applications of music in other disciplines.

In short COMET is a holistic system, which fills the gaps in music education and connects disciplines for well rounded emotional and intellectual development.