COMET music education connects with almost everything, due to its objectivity and holism in learning music with the developed exercises to tackle varied problems in the musical practices irrespective of styles. COMET practices, by their content, are essentially meditative and focussed. It connects with yoga, breathing techniques, voice culture, language learning, ambidexterity, craft, musical styles, all arts (specially in dance and theatre) the basics of mathematics, physics, architecture and management.

When we say COMET connects, what we mean is that the exercises are found very useful in tackling certain inadequacies found in other disciplines. For example, learning elements from the ‘basics of the basics’ of COMET (ambidextrous exercises, for example) the pace of learning any musical instrument is accelerated. So we advice that every beginner in learning a musical instrument should have the basic course in COMET. The exercises improve language learning skills. The voice culture component of COMET deals with phonetics of a language and the coordination skills of the speech organs. This eventually leads to speech therapy. The physiological problems vanish due to deeper analytic work with the production of sound. Understanding rhythm, the COMET way one connects with memory building. Strangely it is useful in other diverse disciplines such as sports, NCC training programs, news reading skills and so on. The objective analytical perception and understanding of the precise gamaka details connects with micro and macro management of any piece of work.