Everyone has music and the levels of accomplishments only vary. There is no system right now available to build the musicianship from zero. That is the reason why music education in institutions is not complete. COMET addresses this issue and so the thought processes and the training ingredients towards musicianship  are spread through the 8 courses developed. For one who wishes to learn music the COMET way from the beginning has it all, the materials spread through 3-5 years depending on the level in which one starts. I will recommend Course-2 and 3, for everyone at any level of accomplishment. Those who are performing musicians will learn and experience something new towards refinement of the musical sensibilities and learn a way of thinking to become better performers and teachers. Dance and Theatre artistes will greatly benefit by these two courses. Foreign students will learn the essence of the processes involved in Indian music as a whole, which will be helpful in their chosen fields as composers, performers and improvisers. The syllabus for everyone can be customised.

– Karaikudi Subramanian