Karnatak music professional training is a course based on the Karaikudi Veena Tradition going back to 9 generations, known for the classical quality, authenticity, refinement and purity of music in terms of performance and teaching. Vina as a sensitising musical instrument, is the model for voice production, clarity and depth. Every aspect of the practice repertoire is refinedly classical with no compromise on the ‘gamaka’ nuances right from the beginning. Vina is the only instrument which any one, even without innate musicality due to genetic factors, can learn and get sensitised to music and become an excellent musician on a par with a naturally sensitive musician. In this sense Vina is the real teacher in music. We assure that any beginner who learns perfectly the basics of Sarali, Jantai, Alankaram, the choice Gitams and three challenging varnams in this tradition can learn any number of krities and develop creative and self learning capabilities.