“Brhaddhvani’s COMET education is reaching out to school-children as a curriculum thanks to the pioneering work of M. Sowmiya, a fine arts graduate, a student of the famous musician-painter, S. Rajam in music and painting, a COMET graduate from Brhaddhvani, and a music post graduate from Teresa University.

At the kindergarten and primary school levels we have four curricular books, Kid’s COMET 1 & 2 and Svarita 1 & 2. They picturesquely bring the musical concepts supported by concept songs, stories, as well as varieties of songs in Indian languages. The teachers teaching the kinder curriculum are well trained by experienced faculty of Brhaddhvani. The graded curriculum cover the primary and secondary levels going up to 10th standard. By that time every student taking the course will become knowledgeable in Karnatak music with a wider exposure to other musical styles as well. We hope to bring a parallel curriculum for Hindustani music too.

Brhaddhvani’s textbook for school curriculum (Svaritha first edition – 3 volumes) was released in year 2009.

Views on Svaritha (first edition) by eminent educationalists and renowned musicians ….

Swamini Vimalananda, Acharya, Chinmaya Mission. Member, CCMT-Education Cell
Dr(Mrs) Y.G. Parthasarathy, Dean & Director, P.S.B.B.S.S Schools
Padmabhushan Sri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman
Karaikudi S Subramanian, Founder Director, Brhaddhvani
Sangeetha Acharya Sri S. Rajam, Painter/Musician

Brhaddhvani’s curriculum for schools benefits children ranging from Kindergarten to 10th Standard …

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