‘Music Foundation for Everyone’ is a course which is ‘a must’ for any one who wants to learn music. Even performing musicians, who can naturally sing take this course to understand their voice in terms of production of sound and other intricacies in sound ‘production’ and in the ‘projection’ of voice. They would begin to hear how they actually sing. This course helps them sing better with the strength of their voice overcoming the problems they might have developed due to imitation. An imitative voice might develop problems in the long run. This course helps, in fact any one who wishes to bring musicality to her voice, whether for singing, speech corrections, oratory and even in therapy. For the want of a better name we we call this course ‘Voice Culture’. This is a complete course for voice in learning a language properly. In fact it is ‘voice culture and more’. The uniqueness about this course is that the student learns about the uniqueness of her voice and refines it through the pure sounds of the perfectly fretted vina. Here vina is the ‘ideal objective teacher’ to teach the purity and clarity of voice. Vina eventually becomes the body and singing becomes the vina.