World Music course is an introduction to the musical traditions of the world, such as western classical, Jazz and other musical traditions from around the world. COMET education connects with the world’s musical styles by principle, philosophy, pedagogy and as part of the COMET curriculum. If a student is enrolled in the full time 5 year course towards COMET diploma, for a holistic music education, s/he gets to interact with world’s musicians who visit Brhaddhvani, as short and long term students, scholars and performers. The interactive experience brings hands on experience in World music. As an exchange the world musicians share their knowledge and expertise with the other COMET students. They also get to perform together opening up chances for creativity. But the interactions depend on the students in residence at that time. The COMET students get an introduction to Ethnomusicology and world music traditions. These exchanges are what we call transcultural interactions. Some of the composers, musicians inspired by the raga, tala and the bulk of Indian literature bring out compositions which become new concoctions of musical compositions which we call transcultural compositions. We call the performances, which come out as a products of these interactions, as transcultural performances. This is enriching for any student of music who is registered for the COMET courses.