COMET – A music-learning methodology – A pedagogy

As a methodology it is a learning system with an emphasis on the process of music making.  Sets of systematically developed exercises drawn diligently from the Indian musical tradition and from a globally enriching interactive experience over a long period, form the core of the learning process. This empowers and frees the learner to self learn and learn from anyone discerningly, from any source and irrespective of the musical styles, with sensitivity to intricate musical details.

Learning through COMET is in fact gleaning through and appreciating any style of music without prejudices. What you will be will be what you choose to be with a fuller understanding of music and music making with respect to one’s own potential to express in this medium.

In this respect COMET is an open and inclusive system allowing new elements to enter this corpus of knowledge and experience of music commensurate with its philosophy for the benefit of human beings as a whole.

COMET correlates …

  1. Sound-body-mind-movement
  2. Tone-microtone-rhythm-micro-rhythm-melody-harmony
  3. Voice and instrument
  4. Tradition and Technology for accelerating and perfecting learning
  5. Other forms of Music, Art, Culture and any other disciplines of knowledge
  6. Different levels in musicianship to benefit a variety of social causes
  7. Life enhancement by transcending mental and physical space.

Ref: “Correlative Objective Music Education and Training”(COMET)-A creative pedagogy- A paper presented at the International seminar in Kolkatta 2013, “ Creating and Teaching Music Patterns”.