COMET is a philosophy of Sound within, as divine, manifesting as Musics of the World. When we perceive order in the multiplicity of sounds we hear, or when we are able to order the sounds into inspiring musical compositions or improvisations those are only the manifestations of the divine beauty within. It is our duty to bring this beauty from within from every one in bringing peace and harmony in this world.

The various programs at Brhaddhvani, through COMET, reflect this philosophy seamlessly. The world of sounds around us comes to Brhaddhvani elevating us and making us realize the co-relatedness in musical styles.

Woody Shaw III on COMET as a philosophy

 Woody and KSS

“It seems to me that COMET, in it’s philosophy and design, is an extension of the remedial and methodological format characterized by all the Vedic sciences; be they religious, social, astrological or ritualistic.  If the Vedas provide alternate paths to an eternal state of realization of the self (or actually non-self, or nothingness, an epiphany of selflessness or the absence of a concrete “self”), then COMET leads us through a synonymous discovery of non/self through the truth which is reflected in sound, and that exists within us, the origins of which are not in the human body or at any one given point; much like the dual existence of a sub-atomic particle, sound exists whether musical execution is made or not, the expression of sound is our only ability; that sound already exists and we all carry it within us; it is everywhere at once, ready to be expressed and molded, it is malleable like space and time.  In that discovery is the realization that there really IS no “self.”  The self is not real, is it? What is innate in each of us is innate in all of us.  Self-realization for the purpose of liberation. “

COMET is a way, perhaps much like the Vedas, Buddhism, et al. 

“In addition to being an educational and intellectual methodology, COMET is very much a philosophy and a way of looking at the world. It suggests that there is potential for each of us, as human beings, to share and learn from each other in the creative process – that process is actually life itself!  COMET leads us to discover our own voice (inner voice) through an objective and collaborative approach to the study, and performance, of music.  And, in that process of discovering our own voice and innate musical ability, there also lies that great potential of realizing that there is but one voice that connects us all; that is, the voice of humanity itself, the voice of the spirit. COMET is the roadmap for uncovering the universal sound within,  it is the path to Brhaddhvani.”