Features of COMET

  1. It is objective, process oriented,  logical, structured and scalable, building confidence and command in music- making in creative ways. Like learning the alphabet to write a word, a sentence, a paragraph and an essay, COMET provides the building blocks for anyone to create his music. Even if you believe, “ I can’t sing”, COMET method will see to it that you sing.
  1. It connects yoga, arts, science and technology in developing mind and body coordination skills. There are exercises to balance the left and right sides of the brain.
  1. It develops emotional and inner strength, discipline, concentration, and patience necessary for any creative work.
  1. It builds a strong foundation in Karnatak music through ‘objective exercises’ opening up space to interact with other systems of music without  interfering with the core values of Karnatak music. So, musicians from any style such as Karnatak, Hindustani, Western Classical, Jazz and so on can share and communicate with each other with ease.
  1. It makes music available to everyone step by step, from the beginning to the advanced.
  1. It makes one more sensitive as a listener bringing precision in self-learning.
  1. It sharpens language learning skills.
  1. It makes one understand the value of tradition and culture, bringing appreciation and respect for any type of music of a culture.

What can one expect through this system of music education contrasted with the traditional way of learning Karnatak music?