“Music connects with every art and every discipline. But very few question the importance of music in arts at a fundamental level-I mean the real understanding of music essential in making the practicing art holistic. With respect to other disciplines, very few think about the connection between music and their respective disciplines.

But why should we know it? How can that knowledge and experience contribute to the discipline in question or to music?

I may not have scientifically valid answers. But I can tell you, from my experience with arts and other disciplines, the connectedness of music with them may not be at the gross level but at subtler levels. A topnotch businessman, for example, the chairman of an internationally renowned company, told me in a private conversation: “Subramanian if X (a renowned musician) would be in my place he would outdo me in every respect!” In fact he was referring to the high professional brain of the musician to excel, to sell his product in many super intelligent ways. The musicians develop an intelligence, which transcends the mundane and the ordinary. It traverses the unknown regions within oneself during the time of creativity. The mind body coordination during practice transcends space and time. They keep this alive through engaging their sensitivities in many ways including performance and teaching. As an aural art, music is a useful tool to keep us alive and lively throughout our life.

There is a parallel in music to the scientific experimentations in biological cloning and cross breeding.  The capacity to discover common patterns in entirely different musical styles is an intellectual attainment. Music can recognize this intellectually and intuitively. This is how people from different music cultures come together to do fusion music.

Some successful professionals in other disciplines have migrated to music simply because it is more fulfilling. Music for other disciplines is a useful tool to sensitize a person to subtleties in their own disciplines. This is my hypothesis.

The principles of COMET got refined through such interdisciplinary interactions including Management.”-Karaikudi Subramanian