Other Disciplines

 “It was in 1985 Fall semester at Amherst College, Massachusetts in the US! I had a great opportunity in getting the “Copeland Fellowship” to interact with research scholars in the fields of Anthropology, Cybernetics (interdisciplinary study connecting the fields of control systems) and Theoretical Physics, me as an Ethnomusicologist. Our job was that we participated in a weekly colloquium, all of us coming together! This opportunity was given to me, I believe, personally speaking, (apart from my scholarship in Ethnomusicology and expertise in vina music) primarily because of the love and respect of Prof. David Reck of Amherst College for the Karaikudi Vina Tradition.

 The objective of the scholarship is to enrich the academic community of Amherst College to explore the value in interdisciplinary fields of studies. This was a revealing experience indeed. What made us all come together as scholars in our respective fields, was music! I composed a theme for improvisation called ‘Nirnaya’, dedicated to the friendship of K. Sarangan, a budding musician turned banker! I had named his daughter ‘Nirnaya’.

 This is to point out the connectedness of music to several disciplines. When we are aware of it and imbibe music from very early we enrich the respective disciplines, bringing friendship and harmony as the end result.

This revealing interactive experience was the source of inspiration for the COMET program of Brhaddhvani. The fundamental nature of music is to connect. How we use the connections in our respective fields with music is purely from the individual’s experience with music.”-Karaikudi S. Subramanian