“The part of music in dance is significant. Many know this, few have realized this, fewer still perseveringly pursue this.

The legendary Balasaraswathi is the foremost example of a dancer whose mind and heart throbbed with the finest of music pouring forth emotions (bhava) through every of her movement. She is the perfect model of an integrated dancer with music unto her self. She did not have to work for it. She was born to show this union of music in dance. After seeing her dance I realized that “music is internal dance and dance is internal music”. The master-musician T. Viswanathan, born in the great Dhanammal family, was a model of a musician, who integrated dance in his music. Such is the connection of music and dance. The ‘externals’ should be the outcome of this spiritually elevating experience of both these art forms within. The journey has to begin from the start. With this realization I have integrated these two art forms at a fundamental level in the COMET philosophy of music education at Brhaddhvani. The visuals, as a tool, the children experience from the very beginning in learning music, have this spirit. When the children dance they should be able to ‘feel’ they are singing and when the children sing they should be able to feel that they are dancing.

The stylistically significant great artistes and teachers such as Kalanidhi  Narayanan, Adyar Lakshmanan, Dhananjayan, C.V. Chandrasekar, Narasimhachari, Chitra Visweswaran, Leela Samson, Usha Srinivasan, Meenakshi Chitranjan, Priadarsini Govind and some others had shared with me their agreement on this. Padma Subramanian, is yet another outstanding creative dancer whose dance is music with all its dimensions.

Particularly the dancers Sangita Iswaran and Preeti Ahtreya have integrated the ideology and methods of COMET through some choice COMET exercises which connect dance with the music within.”- Karaikudi S. Subramanian