Devotional music repertoire is wide from simple slokas to more elaborate songs covering a wide spectrum of Indian languages which are used in rituals connected with marriages, temple rituals, festive and congregational songs in celebration of deities and so on. There are a great number of devotional songs from the Tamil Saivite and Vaishnavite traditions from the 7th century onwards which are tuned by musicians of repute. Tevaram, Thiruvacakam of the Saivite saints, Thiruppugaz of Arunagirinathar, Dasar Padgalu of Purandaradas, Sankirtanas of Tallapakka Annamacharya’s, Ashtapadis of Jayadeva, the Bhajans of Tulasi Das are widely sung by performers, irrespective of the musical style to which they belong to. These songs are taught by musicians who have specialized in them. Many simple tunes from this rich devotional repertoire are taught to children once they are ready. We use simple slokas as part of exercises. The younger children are made to listen to many of them including some folk tunes from the kindergarten level. These songs are also used in therapy.