Karnatak Concert training is a specialized course in the Karnatak system of music, to make one perform on the stage provided s/he has gone through the other four courses. Completing all the 5 courses will make one a good performer. But it depends on how passionate and consistent one is in learning and practice. The methods adopted here equip one in all the requirements to be a good performer. The methods also teach a student to go beyond Karnatak music. That is what is COMET training and methodology is all about. All the loose ends in learning music in any style will be tied to a common methodology making the learning objective, strong and versatile. That means learning any other style is possible, if one likes to expand his knowledge and experience in the musics of the world, whether it is Hindustani, Folk, Film, Jazz or any other traditional or popular music of the world. Before entering the concert stage every student will be exposed and given experience in different styles of music so that the student can enjoy and develop musical sensitivities inherent in the other systems, helpful in positioning the style which she wishes to focus.