“The connection between music and painting can be best illustrated through the great artist, S. Rajam, a painter musician who excelled both in painting and music. The unassuming music in him got expressed through painting more especially on the spiritual and mythological themes, which are part of great many songs in Karnatak music. Like M. S. Subbulakshmi, S. Rajam is a household name for any musician or music lover. His ornate paintings with superb combination of subtle colors are feast to the eyes.

One of the finest of Tamil Poets, who is also a painter, Vaideeswaran, is a great example of the confluence of poetry, painting and music. As a visiting poet at Brhaddhvani, he composed poetry for the fundamental traditional exercises with such exquisite beauty. For such prosaic exercises he could breathe life into them through his poetry.

In 1983, I had the great opportunity to musically interpret a wonderful painting made by an artiste from Calcutta, to the Rockefeller Trustees in New York. I remember that with emotions. Music made me connect with such great artistes. Both of us were recipients of Asian cultural council Fellowship.

In 1996, a French miniature painter and a guitar player, Mr. Gilbert Medam, was in residence at Brhaddhvani. He worked with our musicians sharing his views on music and painting.

Two of the members of the COMET trained music faculty, M. Sowmiya and Sakuntala Krishnamurthy are artists (M.Sowmiya is an artist with a fine arts degree and apprenticed under S. Rajam. Sakuntala Krishnamurthy is a traditional Kolam expert inheriting the Kolam art from her family which expresses the geometry, proportions and beauty in the art.”- Karaikudi S. Subramanian