Tamil Film Music is a fascinating study. It is the style of music which flourished from the forties. The study of the history of how it grew from stage to stage from the forties up to the modern times is worth the attention of any researcher in the music of India. In fact the interconnections between the classical, folk, film and world music are clearly discernible in Film music. When you talk about fusion music, the best example would be Indian film music. Tamil film music from the period of G.Ramanathan to A.R Rahman has gone through changes in its appeal from classical devotional through folk and world music. The intelligent ways the film music composers attracted the audience from the purely classical music made popular to a synthesis of musical styles getting the attention of every child will form a corpus of knowledge in the study of fusion music.

The COMET education incorporates a practical study of film music, for the classical singers in order to make them understand the gamaka nuances which distinguish the classical from the film music. In the expanding world of music it is very easy to transmigrate from one style to another when one is not aware. A conscious practice of Karnatak music will become possible. This is the way the styles can be kept alive.