The original sources for Indian musicological literature are  mostly in Sanskrit, Telugu and Kannada starting from the period of Sarangadeva’s Sangita Ratnakara (13h Century). The theoretical foundations of Indian music can be resourced from books written by scholars in Indian languages as well as in English. Currently some famous musicologists such as Prof. S. R. Janakiraman, Dr. N. Ramanathan, Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao, to mention a few, have contributed enormously.

A precise, condensed musicological history and theoretical foundations of Indian music as a whole, are best laid by Prof. Harold Powers in his extraordinary article in The New Grove Dictionary of  Music and Musicians. There are other International scholars such as Ludwig Pesch, a German scholar, Dr. Emmie Nijenhuis, a Dutch scholar and others have profoundly contributed to the scholarship of Indian musicology. There are numerous theses written by scholars of Indian music, world over are available as resources.

Brhaddhvani specializes in practical foundations in music supported by appropriate theoretical foundations.