Traditional World Music 

When we talk about world music, in this part of the world, the mind set is: “Oh ! Something not traditional!”. But we need to understand that the tradition is something which is handed down from the distant past from generation to generation, governed, preserved or modified by the practioners themselves through the socialogical and cultural processes. No one else outside of the tradition has the right to tamper with it. When we say world music, it is in fact, the musical traditions that are part of the lives of the people in a geogrphical region that we are referring to.

The COMET system of music education brings in the comparative knowledge and experience in World music. The purpose is not necessarily an indebth study of the musical traditions of the world (although it might happen one day). It is rather an approach to music education which values the world musical traditions for appreciation, comparison and contrast. Appreciating each other’s musical contributions is a good start towards peace and harmony among world’s cultures. Through the study of COMET education, the students here have the chance to appreciate, enjoy and interact with world renowned musicians. Quite recently a world renowned Irish folk fiddler, Marin Hayes, performed for Brhaddhvani with his group giving each other a chance to understand the two cultures.