Adults who had once started learning music when they were young leave learning for several reasons and realize one day that they want to learn. If they have children they wish to make their children learn. We encourage all those adults to learn music. We integrate learning with appreciation for music. The program we conduct for them will be highly valuable to help their children start and practice correctly and support them through the important stage of school life. ‘Students’ who are 2 yr olds to ‘students’ who are 80-yr olds  come to Brhaddhvani to learn music.

Study Circle holds special programs for parents, college students and anyone else who suddenly develops interest in learning music. They are sure to find an encouraging and valuable time with our faculty. We welcome them to participate in the cultural activities we bring to enlighten our communities.

We conduct special workshops for children to learn about the theories and techniques in music practice and in the connectedness of music to other arts, science & culture. We bring in programs to open up the minds of the children to creativity in Arts from different dimensions. For this the COMET training helps.

  1. Early this year Dr. Srikumar Subramanian conducted a workshop for children at Brhaddhvani on the 72 melas as a game, where the maths behind music and the music behind maths intertwined in such a way both got the back seat letting the children enjoy both without  much deliberation on either of them. Based on this experience with children Dr. Srikumar Subramanian, gave a presentation titled  ‘Mathemusicking’, at C R Rao AIMSCS in Hyderabad on the 14th March 2015.
  2. Way back in 2000 the children learnt the 72 melas as a game of cards in a workshop conducted by Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian. They sang the first 6 ragas, understanding the transition from scale to raga. Their experience of the ragas was the base of a skit conceived by one of our faculty, Sowmiya Muralidharan for a presentation at Max Mueller Bhavan in Chennai on the 100th memorial year of Max Mueller.

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