I am a beginner. I want to learn music very well and feel confident. How can Brhaddhvani help me?

I want to start my 3 yr old child with music. How do you teach a 3 year old?

I have learned music from another teacher/teachers. I have learnt up to gitams/varnams/krities. Can I learn further if I join Brhaddhvani?

I do not know Tamil. Can I join Brhaddhvani?

How long would it take to perform?

I want to put my child in the individual class. Is that better than a group class?

Will I get a certificate studying here?

Is your certificate recognized by the Government or University?

I am a professional singer/player. How can I be benefited by COMET?

I am a foreign student (not Indian), a composer/performer/musicologist. I want to come to your institute. What course would be suitable?.

I want to learn Music as Therapy. My ward has problems….such as… How can I go about it?

Is there a course for Music Therapy as a subject.

I have an institution. Can I get help in implementing COMET in my institution?

How can I start with your on-line course?