If you think  “I want to learn music. But I don’t think I have that gift.” you are not right. Brhaddhvani was created to make you understand you too have that gift. We, as a team, have the will, patience, tools, resources, expertise and dedication to reach out to you step by step to reveal the gift that is hidden in you. You need to uncover it. We believe, if you can speak any language you can sing. We assure you. When speech is decorated it becomes music. The tools to decorate are in the realisation of the Sound within. Once you realise you would start the journey in the realms of music. Become strong willed to learn music. Without fanfares you will acquire the intelligence to pursue the divine in you. Do not have preconceived notions about the giftedness of music. Your notions about music will go through a sea change through our developed method COMET.