Brhaddhvani’s program for children is marked by creative impact of the COMET education. The proDSC_1226gram is one of its kind. Children from the age of 3 upwards come to study here. A strong foundation is our emp  hasis.The mode of teaching is informative, playful and substantial. The outcome of learning is confidence in ‘musicking’. Every child feels that way.

What do we teach for a 3 year old? Primarily we provide an atmosphere of a gurukula-home environment. The young children mingle with older children, with ease and feel at home. The benefits of research go straight to the children. While the teachers make sure that the children enjoy the classes, they bring in the value of the foundation with ease. It would be surprising to see an array of children with different attitudes learning with enjoyment. You will find a young ‘budding scholar’ enjoying questioning the teacher, a spirited ‘performer’ confident with herself singing with ease, a silent guy but with bubbling eyes enjoying the class like a veteran listener, a meditative girl singing with her eyes shut, with total abandonment, an introvertial child trying to imitate her friend in the class to keep pace with the class, and so on. We let the children find their own comfortable zones to interact with the teachers. There is great rapport between the teacher and the taught.

The teacher does not just teach a song. She provides the necessary information to every child in a child friendly way. Technology supports learning right from the beginning along with direct interaction with the teacher. Visualization, imageries help the children grasp the materials with sensitivity and awareness. Vina helps children ‘see’ the tones, makes them understand tuning, and how gamakas are formed.

We are proud that we are able to provide every child the best of music although s/he might not have had exposure to classical music or might have had a family background.