Gurukulavasam in Denmark



Two visits of Prof. Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian to lay the foundation to orient the students and teachers of Denmark to a new approach to learning music to connect with Arts.



  • A four-day residency offered to Dr. Subramanian sir to do a workshop
  • Introduction of ‘COMET’ to the students and teachers of dance and music
  • Insight into Dr. Subramanian sir’s work at ‘Brhaddhvani’ for more than quarter of a century
  • The workshop was followed by internet lessons for the participants


July & August:

  • Two months intensive camp for the students and teachers to realize the value in South Indian classical music
  • Setting the stage for quality music
  • Sensitizing the students to tonal, microtonal, rhythmic and cross-rhythmic understanding
  • Perfecting 10 vinas to bring this sensitivity
  • A dance and music production using the basics and presentation in the Sri Sithi Vinayagar temple, Denmark




  • Three weeks intensive camp for students to continue the ‘COMET’ syllabus for dance and music
  • Introducing Kid’s COMET program, a playful way of introducing Karnatak music principle to children
  • Preparing the ground for children’s music education through Kid’s COMET
  • Working on establishing a center for Arts in Denmark
    • Accomplished in May 2017



Dr. Subramanian sir introducing his method ‘COMET ‘ to the students and teachers of dance and music in Denmark in February 2016



In Denmark, 10 vinas were perfected in respect to all the svarasthanas in all 3.5 octaves



Dr. Subramanian sir testing one of the perfected vinas



The result of a perfected vina. In addition, the vina’s langar was replaced by ‘The Brhaddhvani langar’, a perfect replacement to attain fine-tuning. All non-ornamented vinas got a sound hole to help project the sound of the vina more efficiently


Gurukulavasam at Brhaddhvani, Chennai

From October 2016 to January 2017, Thenuga and Mathuriga Thevapalan had the opportunity to experience gurukulavasam at Brhaddhvani, Chennai in residence with their guru, Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian sir.



At the 3-week intensive workshop by Hindustani vocalist Sri Arijit Mahalanabis, founder of ‘Society for Indian Music and Arts’ (SIMA). The workshop consisted of an introductory course on understanding and singing Dhrupad.


Stefeja Vasantharasan had the opportunity to experience gurukulavasam from February 2017 to March 2017 at Brhaddhvani, Chennai.

IMG_7235 copy

Stefeja Vasantharasan explores the heritage sites – Tanjore Brhadeeswarar temple. She was hosted by a traditional merchant community, called Chettiyars. Mrs-s. Gayathri, Meenakshi and other members of the family in Mannachannalur (a village near Trichy) hosted her under the ‘Cultural immersion program’ of Brhaddhvani.


In a traditional context, in the most serene temple ambience of  Brhadeeswarar temple (with a 1000 year history behind),  Stefeja Vasantharasan and Meenakshi Janarthanan are singing a sloka, learnt from Dr. Subramaninan sir during the heritage exploration:



Here is a media clipping on Brhaddhvani published in the Tamil daily, Dinamani (02-12-1994)