Vina, voice and dance are inseparable. If we want the quality of dance enhanced, the quality of music should also be uplifted along with it. Dance and music should go hand in hand.  During Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian sir’s visits, we learnt about the COMET method of learning Karnatak music and Bharatanatyam. This method attracted the students of music and dance in Denmark very much. If music and dance should reach out to all sections of our society correctly, easily, clearly and holistically understood, we realized that it could be achieved through the COMET method of learning. Dr. Subramanian sir’s institute ‘Brhaddhvani’ is an excellent model of how the gurukulam way of learning Karnatak music and Bharatanatyam can be effectively institutionalized. 

During his visits, Dr. Subramanian sir emphasized and proved how dance and music can be integrated from the basics. He also made it clear how every dance and music teacher can instill the intricacies of dance and music in every student right from the beginning. What is noteworthy in his workshop is that it has kindled the desire of the students in Denmark for holistic learning. We see the importance of the contribution of Dr. Subramanian sir in uplifting the quality of dance and music pedagogy in Denmark.
Here is a presentation of ‘Dancing Sarali’, a program at the Sri Sithi Vinayagar temple in Denmark (23rd August 2016) on how the basics of vina, voice and dance get integrated. 

Dance choreography: Mrs. Krishnapriya Gobinesan
Dance: Ms. Tusara Balandram
Singer: Ms. Stefeja Vasantharasan
Vinas: Ms. Thenuga-Mathuriga Thevapalan
Tamil Verses: Poet Vaidheeswaran
Vision: Prof. Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian – ‘Language and Music’