Brhaddhvani’s Global Music Society-Denmark (BGMS-DK)
(For the upliftment, support and promotion of South Asian Arts & Education)
(Dr. KSS’s COMET programme)

A Gift of Brhaddhvani to Denmark to the cause of the spread of Karnatak Music as a global seed to Music, Education and World Harmony.

” My association with Denmark is more than 15 years. I have a special affection for the Srilankan community there, which holds high values in Arts and Culture.  Ms. Krishnapria S. Gobinesan, (now the Chair person for the dance school, Geethalayam, daughter of the pioneering dance teacher in Denmark, Mrs. Mahalakshmi Sathiamurthy, and the Founder of Geethalayam), was just a teenager then pursuing dance with passion. She is an ardent admirer of Smt. Padma Subramaniam. She came to India in 2004 along with other members of Geethalayam  to learn dance from her Guru, Padma Subramaniam and music at Brhaddhvani. When I later visited her in Denmark, I found the photo of Smt Padma Subramaniam, her Guru and my photo in her puja room! I had taught her very little though when she was at Brhaddhvai! This soulful gesture showed the respect she held for Indian culture and the value she held for the Guru-Sishya relationship in art and music. Her passion for this art drove her attempts to pass this on to her own community in Denmark. This is remarkable indeed. 

When I visited her two years ago, she continued to express to me how the Srilankan community should get a chance to learn from me through the methodology I have created-COMET. She told me that she was willing to help anyone who is interested in making this happen in Denmark. She did her best to start a chapter of Brhaddhvani in Denmark. 

Meanwhile, there were two students of vina Ms. Thenuga Thevapalan and Mathuriga Thevapalan, encouraged by her and my workshop a year ago, showed immense interest in pursuing vina from me. They are another set of passionate music students who shared the dreams of Ms. Krishnapria to bring in the values of Brhaddhvani to Denmark. To avoid delays these two daughters of Mr. Thevapalan, born in Denmark, offered to make Ms. Krishnapria’s dream come true. BGMS-DK was born. This is the back drop of BGMS-DK.

My promise to the students and teachers of music in Denmark: BGMS-DK will exist as a symbol of quality in music education in Denmark to support, uplift, and help all those who wish to make use of COMET to further their interests in music in Denmark without any distinction, prejudice and preferences.  Everyone will be welcome to join this community of students who are eager to spread the quality and values in music education in Denmark. ”

Here is a media clipping on Brhaddhvani published in the Tamil daily, Dinamani (02-12-1994)



Mentor: Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian 

Patron:  Ms. Krishnapria S. Gobinesan –

Founders:  Thenuga Thevapalan, Mathuriga Thevapalan, Tusara Balandram & Stefeja Vasantharasan

A presentation of “Dancing Sarali in Denmark”-2015 by Krishnapria Gobinesan, a beginning of a new era in Arts & Education in Denmark


Ms. Stepheja Vasantharasan explores the heritage sites-Tanjore Brhadeeswarar temple. She was hosted by a traditional merchant community, called Chettiyars. Mrs-s. Gayathri, Meenakshi and other members of the family in Mannachannalur, (a village near Trichy) hosted her under the ‘cultural immersion program’ of Brhaddhvani. 

IMG_7235 copy

In a traditional context, in the most serene temple ambience of  Brhadeeswarar temple (with a 1000 year history behind)  Stepheja Vasantharasan and Meenakshi Janarthanan are singing a sloka, learnt from Dr. Karaikudi Subramaninan during the heritage exploration. 

Who are we and what do we propose to do?
What does the system promise?
What is unique about this system?