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Music therapy (Brhad-Arogya) at Brhaddhvani is a natural evolution. The experience with COMET threw light on the therapeutic powers of music even at the initial stages of training. A scientific study to assess the effect of therapeutic music on individuals with chronic hypertension, depression and anxiety disorders was conducted under the guidance of a doctor, a psychologist and Dr.Karaikudi Subramanian.

Music therapy as a discipline is currently much talked about and commercially utilized. Brhaddhvani has been a pioneer in this area. The effects of music on people had been regularly studied since it became apparent during the regular professional training program. We have what we call  "Sound (music) Therapy" as the application of music is varied and the definition of music itself is subject to debates.

Music for therapy incorporates the universal elements in music. Brhaddhvani has a specially designed cot for use in music therapy. This program will benefit special children and the society at large. The program Brhad Arogya will explore this area and make the therapeutic music available in the CD format.



Tone Stability Helping the Mentaly Challenged

Vedic Chant for Memory and Therapy

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