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While the COMET training program prepares a student to performance in voice and vina, the holistic approach to music education brings the ability to perceive the musicality of other art forms like painting, theatre, folk music, dance and sculpture. Brhaddhvani's steps in this direction include its artistic interpretative exchanges with some of the nation's best-known artists in the field of theatre, dance and painting.

We have shared knowledge with Smt.Kalanidhi Narayanan-abhinaya maestro; Adyar Sri Lakshman; Sri M/V. Narasimhachari; Chandraleka, the internationally acclaimed avant-garde dancer; Leela Samson, Director, Kalakshetra; Na.Muthuswamy, founder of Koothu-p-pattari, a contemporary Tamil theater group; Kalairani, a theatre actress par excellence.. to name a few.
With a view to encourage a confluence of artistic diversity within the nation's practitioners of art, Brhaddhvani opens its doors to welcome artistic collaborations that enrich its knowledge base.
Learning music is essentially learning to perform. Performing well without compromise is most essential for any one learning music and most crucial at Brhaddhvani. Group performances are encouraged for uniformity in the renditions and towards mutual inspiration. We have a performing group of musicians called “Brhad-Kalyan” Brhad Kalyan is Brhaddhvani's own set of trained singers who offer a unique and inimitable combination of high quality classical, devotional, folk and musically rich film classics on the same platform.

The second generation musicians trained at Brhaddhvani, called the G-8 group, have begun to sing as a group in varied occasions and are gaining appreciation from huge audiences.




K.V Narayanaswamy is Accompanied on the Veena by Dr Subramanian

Voice and Veena Togetherness - Dr KSS , Sudha and Shobha

Shankari Krishnan and Dr Subramanian - Voice and veena

Sowmiya Singing Along With the Veena

Brhaddhvani's Upcoming Artists Performing Their First Concert

Bowls Of Bengal - Kartik

Carnatic Classical Maestros With Musicians of Brhaddhvani and the Folk Singer Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy


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