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Brhaddhvani's holistic approach to music education for children of all ages is the offshoot of the creative processes inherent in COMET. The Kid’s COMET program, the brain child of Mrs. M. Sowmiya, one of the COMET graduates, makes children learn music in a play way method. Colorful images, cartoon like caricature s and mind stimulating pictures and themes make them enjoy learning music as fun while there is the undercurrent of knowledge and enlightenment on the principles of music silently entering their psyche.
The program has been engineered to impart even to musically ordinary children the capability to sing with complete understanding of musical principles. The rhythm and melody exercises given to them improve coordination between their left and right sides of the brain.

The sounds of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Sanskrit are made familiar and accessible to all children through music by special exercises that are incorporated in this program. They acquire musical literacy, meaning children learn to transcribe songs through the developed tonal sensitivities (svarasthanas) and the rhythmic understanding.

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