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Brhaddhvani’s distance education program to a global audience opens up music to any one in a systematic and effective way. Through special workshops we introduce our concepts in distance learning. Only then learning through internet becomes effective. To achieve this perfectly we have the research background of 17 years. Advanced technology has been part of music education at Brhaddhvani from its inception in 1989.  Every lesson unfolds the subtle aspects of music systematically. In order to achieve this effectively, a student needs to learn to use the svarasthana notation of Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian. Svarasthana notation operates at two levels namely prescriptive (the basic svara names used to express the entire range of melodic details) and descriptive (the detailed descriptive notes or anusvaras which bring the raga characteristics.) The effectiveness in learning music through internet in a professional way is possible only.



Internet Education - Usha Teaching Patrik Dunst of Austria

Technology Based Distance Education

Usha Teaching the Students Using the Recording of Dr KSS the Master

Distant Learning for Children - A Virtual School

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