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Traditionally Carnatic music was taught in the “gurukula” method, meaning, a student learned music, living with the master for years in servitude and devotion and absorbed all that belonged to that school of thought perpetuating one style of music. This was gradually replaced by learning music through institutions. But this was without proper research in effective transfer of the ways of learning inherent in “gurukula”. Correlated Objective Music Education and Training (COMET), a new system of music education developed by Prof. Karaikudi Subramanian, is an alternative to gurukula and fills the gaps that exist in music education in the practice of Carnatic music in “gurukula” and the ‘institution’.  This is the tested formula at Brhaddhvani to achieve a fusion of the best of tradition and of the institution. The result: you have ‘the substitute for the ideal'. COMET is old and the new, the traditional and the modern. In other words a traditionalist would attest that what is taught through COMET is nothing new. A modern would equally assert that what is there in COMET is nothing new. But what is really new in COMET is the holistic concept in learning music and the way it is realized. This means an emphasis on the essentials in the tradition and the modern. Technology plays a complementary role in standardizing the basics. The result-the practitioner learns quickly, accurately and acquires the ability to access both the tradition and the modern. There is no conflict of styles.  What is taught is based on rational principles or objective understanding of the musical details so that the tradition is stronger and richer. One can strictly adhere to what is prescribed by the tradition with respect to the practice while another can develop an individual style based on a firm foundation with his/her creativity. But there is no compromise on the quality of what is taught.  COMET is a complete solution to learning music perfectly in the contemporary situation. 

COMET is a 3+2 years training proram (leading to an under graduate and post graduate diploma) ideal for aspirants who wish to have a career in the classical with a mind to expand the horizon of understanding and experience in other styles whether, it is folk, film western or cross cultural. The regular full time course is for any beginner with practically little background in music who wishes to pursue music seriously for a career.

Filling the gaps…..Short-term courses are available to fill the gaps in the learnt music. Any one can take this course at different levels. A performer can take the appropriate courses or some specific elements of COMET for short durations of time to improve the way of thinking about music and mastering the voice through an understanding of the production of sound on the vina. Many a musician and diverse category of artistes have benefited by this. A typical COMET student acquires the ability to critically view his or her own music apart from getting sensitized to various aspects of performance in music to penetrate into any musical style. A performer, for example, can become a good teacher and vice versa.

Dancers and actors take the primary course in COMET which give them a tool to view and experience their art from a musical perspective as well. Ideally dance is internal music while music is internal dance.  An ideal dancer and an ideal musician have this internal and spiritual experience. Theatre too has the overall musical structure in their practice. COMET is ideal for dancers and theatre actors as well.
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COMET-trained senior faculty members handle the classes. Each faculty member specializes in particular areas of COMET training.



Advance class by T.M Thyagarajan

Advance class by Lalgudi Jayaraman

Dr Subramanian Teaching Varnam to a COMET Student

Pinakapani on Teaching Alapana

Tone Orientation for the Disoriented

Evaluation for Saloni for the Realisation of the Svarasthanas

Rhythm and Tone Stability Based on SPS

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